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About us

In 2016, the Atlanta Scholars Kollel placed Rabbi Yosef and Rookie Shapiro in Brookhaven to inspire non-observant Jews in the area through outreach. In less than seven years, the results have been incredible: We consistently host inspiring services, lively Shabbat meals, social events large and small, and classes and learning opportunities throughout the week. 

Our expanded reach led us to hire Rabbi Luzzy and Devorah Tendler, a talented couple who have brought their myriad skills to our tight-knit community. As of the start of 2023, we service over 800 people and have purchased a building for our local Brookhaven/Chamblee operation to continue to inspire and impact!

What differentiates us from other synagogues?


Individual growth:

We are focused on catering to the unique needs of each member of our vibrant community. We seek to help every Jew forge a greater connection with their Judaism and recognize that each person’s unique background demands focused attention and support. We want to be there for you, wherever you are in your journey, every step of the way. We make a concerted effort to develop close relationships with all members of our congregation; you aren’t just a number, but a dear friend and integral member of our community.


We recognize there is a global concern about whether or not Judaism will inspire the next generation, as we live in a world where religion is losing in popularity. As a result, social bonds, as well as spiritual life, are suffering. We aspire to offer an environment where children want to participate, not because Judaism is forced on them, but because they appreciate the value of Judaism and understand how it fits into their lives.


Judaism offers a rich and valuable perspective in all areas of life. Crucially, it imbues

every action we perform with meaning and purpose. We are committed to providing educational opportunities to any and all Jews looking to learn and grow.

our Staff:
Rabbi Yosef Shapiro

Senior Rabbi & Founder

Rabbi Yosef Shapiro grew up in Baltimore and learned in different yeshivas, while also completing his MBA in investment banking. He received smicha (Rabbinic ordination) from the Jerusalem Kollel under the leadership of R' Yitzchok Berkovits and in 2016 started the Brookhaven Kollel from scratch, that now services hundreds of young Jews. Rabbi Shapiro is the author of a popular book, IN IT TOGETHER: A CANDID VIEW OF INFERTILITY and counsels couples from around the world who are struggling with infertility. He is a sought after speaker world-wide about growing through challenges, but his passion is to continue to teach and develop relationships within his local community. His hobbies include snowboarding, traveling, and playing games with his kids.

luzzy headshot.jpg
Rabbi Luzzy Tendler

Assistant Rabbi

Rabbi Luzzy, born and raised in Baltimore, received his Bachelors in Talmudic Law from Beis Medresh Toras Chesed, after advancing his learning at Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Subsequently marrying Devorah and starting their married life in Israel, Luzzy received his Rabbinic ordination from the Jerusalem Kollel under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits. Luzzy enjoys dabbling in the kitchen, jogging, and hanging out with his two delicious daughters!

Rookie Shapiro

Director of Programming & Co-Founder

Rookie Shapiro grew up in Monsey, New York and attended Touro College in Manhattan before pursuing her MBA. She is now the Senior Marketing Manager for a tech company, but most people wouldn't even realize that since she's such an active force in running the programming for the Brookhaven Kollel, particularly the women's division. Famous for Rookie's Cookie's and her other baking and challah events, it's no surprise that community members love coming over for delicious Shabbat and holiday meals! In addition to her 2 full-time roles, Rookie also loves spending time with her kids and socializing with anyone she meets. Next time you're at her house for a meal, make sure you save room for those famous desserts!

devorah headshot.jpg
Devorah Tendler

Family & Women's Programming

Born in New York and raised in Atlanta, Devorah received her Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a focus on Jewish education. Concurrently managing a therapy office remotely and being a mother of two, Devorah also teaches Judaics at Temima High School For Girls. Devorah's easy going nature and ability to connect with everyone makes her the natural fit for children's programming, infusing the children with fun and exciting learning opportunities. Devorah loves baking, shmoozing, and hosting awesome Shabbos meals!

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