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We at the Brookhaven Kollel take immense pride in guiding our members through their Jewish journeys with experiences and events relevant to their lives. Particularly with regard to life-cycle events, we have the expertise and resources to make these moments extra meaningful. We would be honored to help you plan that special moment so that you can rest assured that everything about it is relevant, memorable, and inspiring. 

Baby Namings

Having a baby is often overwhelming, particularly when it's your first child! It is a pleasure and joy to help you prepare to be parents who will be successful at raising children who are proud to be Jewish. We will happily assist you in picking a Jewish name for your child and would be honored to officiate at the formal Bris or naming ceremony.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

As your child gets ready to begin their own Jewish journey, let’s work together to help set them up for success. We will help you curate a plan to ensure your child will thrive before, during, and after their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, carrying forward the lessons they learn into a Jewish adult life filled with meaning and happiness.

Marriage Preparation

Getting married is one of the biggest transitions we make in our life. Yet there is no formal schooling for this! In the Brookhaven Kollel, we offer a sophisticated curriculum to help guide you on your journey from engaged couple to marital harmony. We officiate Jewish weddings as well.


We all face challenges in our lives, and none are too small or trivial to be worked through with a trusted spiritual guide. Many people find that a Rabbi or Rebbetzin can be of great help to them in times of need, and we are always happy to be those sources of guidance and support.

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1-on-1 Learning

Believe it or not, Judaism has a perspective on just about anything in life! Studying 1-on-1 with a member of our staff allows you the opportunity to learn more about Judaism and where it can fit into your life, on your level.

Mitzva Services

Whether you need help hanging a mezuzah, kashering your kitchen, putting on tefillin, or anything else, we're here to help!

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